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Wednesday Pantry (December 4th) Share available now

Our mission is to Feed the People from the the very start in working the soil and planting the seed through to the harvest and maybe some kitchen time all the way to the very point when we sit down for our family meal together.

We feed our people and strengthen our community. We protect our overall food security. We are all connected in this circle of growing, feeling and eating– our food is our community from the Seed to the Table.

How does it work?

Twice a month we get a basket collected under a watchful eye from regional producers and urban farms. The basket always includes a peak-seasonal assortment of vegetables and fruits, fresh farm eggs, and a value-added product that changes with each share such as pickled okra (preserved), stone-ground grits (grain) or a garden pesto (fresh) or the very next new thing the season presents.

How much do we get?

Each share is intended for a small household to be able to have a couple of sides of fresh veggies or maybe also an entree in their meal …feature a fresh flavor, relish a peak season mouth watering fruit, try a new veggie with the help of a recipe matched to the share, and more. Some members get 2 shares for their larger family.

How do we do this?

Terms & Conditions

The share is announced ahead of time, and you may confirm our share at the Table section of this website. Each share distribution is offered on a first come first serve basis once the shares are offered.

You must commit to picking up your share at the distribution event. If you pass on picking up your share we will donate the share where it is needed, no refunds for missed pick-ups without advance arrangements so let us know.

Steps to your share

  1. Subscribe here to be included in the announcements
  2. See the notifications and reminders and decide to go for a fresh share
  3. Put a Member Share in your basket and checkout
  4. Come by and see us all and pick up your share
  5. Rinse wash and repeat and get upgraded for member discounts and special announcements
  6. Continue loving your food, your farmer, your family, and your community

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