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Pickle Academy: Pickling 2.0

GroNola and the Southern Food and Beverage Museum present the second in our series on pickling, including techniques, food safety and flavor profiles. If you missed the Pickling 101 session please do not fret, as there will be another one soon, but for now let’s talk flavors and presentation.

This from the SOFAB website:

Ica will teach you about flavor profiles, and you will be able to taste some of her pickled mushrooms and poached figs. Additionally, she will discuss the intricacies of working with different types of vinegars, like white wine and apple cider. You will learn how to utilize fresh herbs in the pickling process, and how to make your pickles look more attractive.

This session builds on the basic knowledge of home-canning and will talk about flavor profiles from spices to vinegar to herbs, and requires zero knowledge of home-canning in order to learn and participate. All participants will leave with a jar of pickles for themselves.

The class is a friendly atmosphere that encourages but does not require participation, and there is plenty of opportunities to ask questions as the class progresses. Registration is required, although you may register at the door if the class is not full.