CSA News and March Markets

After making it through hurricanes, floods, freezes, epidemics and pandemics, and changes of all sorts... Now you are safely at harbor and the winds of change in our lives have necessitated a brief hiatus from our consistent bi-weekly offering of the last few years.
We miss you terribly. But never fear we are moving in directions to ensure our food community's forward security. We about to Upgrade you 💓
In the meantime we would love to see you at the neighborhood markets we frequent this spring. For now we give you a list of dates where those of you who feel mean without your greens can find us:
  • February 25th, Backyard Art Market from 11am to 4pm
  • March 4th, Backyard Art Market from 11am to 4pm
  • March 18th, Backyard Art Market from 11am to 4pm
  • March 25th, Freret Street Festival from 11am to 4pm

At the markets

At all of these, and in varying quantities at different times we expect to see
  • Organic Collard Greens or similar from Ferry Place
  • Farm Eggs
  • Arugula Pesto from the garden & Home baked bread combo (vegan)
  • Ponchatoula Strawberries
  • Jams and Pickles and Sauces including Ponchatoula Strawberry jam, Peach and Pepper Jam, Garden Marinara, and Jalapeño Fig jam featuring our own figs from Ferry Place
  • Up-cycled and vintage style Volunteer Gear including the festival attire, patchwork and quilted art.

Backyard Art Market

You can find us at the Backyard Art Market at the Disco Warehouse on many Saturdays. This is a cozy and fun market with a lot of local goods from art to clothes to exotic plants to jewelry to us! This is a more casual market in a fun setting with lots to see!

Freret St Festival

Come see us at the Freret St Festival this Saturday the 25th of March. This is a big festival style event that closes down several blocks of street between Napoleon and Jefferson, with a bandstand at each end of the several blocks of festival and vendors.  We will be there with our usual fare including Southern Kimchi with collards from the garden