CSA shares resume late Spring

The winter froze everything, the chickens have molted a little, and farms are still in recovery.  I know you can appreciate the “drought” of the veg if you have been to a CCFM market recently– it is barren!

Well not barren per se, most of the fresh local food available this month is in value-added items.  It will take a little more time till we are all flush in leaves, veggies and fruits from the farm again.  And some eggs for the omnivores.

Chickens getting back to work in the Piney Woods

In the meantime we are remodeling at the urban farm (OurGarden on Ferry Place) in the Riverbend, and plan to start shares back up in late FebruaryMarch. spring  We are no longer hosted by the FUUNO, so are also moving to regroup some space to make the  share and new refrigeration.

We will offer subscriptions again and bi-weekly individual shares, and in the meantime come see us at the market!