Seasonal Pesto


This item is either out of season or otherwise currently unavailable.

Seasonal pesto from Our Garden @ Ferry Place.

We make pesto regularly out of the garden, and the primary leaf changes with the season. Young beet greens and radish greens both make excellent pesto in the spring and fall, and the arugula pesto is delicious. The summer is always basil pesto.  Pesto made from outdoor-grown fresh-from-the-garden herbs carries a flavor intensity that you just can’t find in grocery.

We make this for markets and tasting events, and for our CSAs on occasion. GroNola offers this as a staple prepared food item available for bulk order. If there is no stock you may backorder this item, and if you may make a special order as well for your party or picnic or your pantry– it requires a minimum order of 6 and three days notice.