Pantry Box


Get a Pantry Package to keep your shelves stocked! This box includes recipes for all of the value added products.
What’s in the box?
Garden Marinara
Cucumber Pickles, Pickled Okra, or Pickled Miriton
Strawberry jam
Choice of Pickled Beets, Giardiniera, or Hot Sauce
You may pick it up on April 26th, 2020. Pickup will be at the Our Garden at 1300 Ferry Place, New Orleans LA 70118. Pickup begins at 1230pm till 230pm.

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The CSA in the time of Corona

We will be holding a share opportunity in Our Garden, located at 1300 Ferry Pl. 70118.

Our Garden is a space of approx. 60-125 ft. and open air of course. We will provide sanitation solutions and prepacked shares. This will allow us to fulfill our mission of providing food to the people while creating a mindful environment that fits our times. We can also meet you at your car with a share if you drive to us. We would love to see you in the garden.

What is in the Box?

The Pantry Box is a seasonal mix of preserved foods. GroNola value added products range from jellies and jams from peak season fruit to traditional and unique pickled items to preserved medleys like giardiniera and eggplant caponata.  The box is an assortment that delivers a variety of flavors and savors for any palate.


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