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As the holidays creep upon us we would like to offer a little love for your table. This member share was compiled to complete and grace your holiday table with local fresh veggie goodness. I would like to say not only from myself, but from all of the small farmers and artisan crafters — Thank you!
So what’s in the share?
Cauliflower (Side dish, Gratin, Roasted Veggie)
Arugula (Salad with Tomatoes, Wilted in Wild Rice Mix)
Collard Greens (Southern Style, Blanched for Veggie Wraps)
Green Onions (Garnish is everything)
Sweet Potatoes (Root Veg Side with Turnips, Mashed with honey, butter, and Pecans)
Field Tomatoes (Salad, Tomato Aspic, Roasted with Cheese and Spices)
Lemons (Tea, Pie, Salad Dressing, Acidity for Greens)
Bell Peppers (Stuffed, Gumbo, Dressing, Everything)
Farm Eggs (Creme Brulee, Quiche, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Louisiana + Wild Rice Pilaf Mix (1 Cup RIce Mix+ 1 1/2 Cup Water, Saute Onions, Bell Pepper, and Carrot add Rice +Water)
Our members have consistently worn masks and managed the appropriate social distance throughout our spring and summer seasons at the garden, and we appreciate the continued efforts as the fall progresses. Thank you FUUNO again!
This is the CSA share for  Sunday November 21st to be picked up between 1 pm & 2pm at the First Universalist Unitarian Church of New Orleans located at 2903 Jefferson Avenue, NOLA 70115 (the corner of Jefferson and Claiborne Avenues).

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What is our CSA?

At the start of this fall we realize some of you who are new to the member share might like some explanation of how our member share works and why we are all here…
At the core of our carrying out our mission we promote organically producing vegetables yes, but our commitment is really to the land itself. To build and cultivate environments where attention to soil depletion, whether from erosion or over extensive use without proper replenishing, is replaced with long term practices of proper soil mitigation, beneficial insect attracting plants, and most importantly community development to ensure support for long-lived and naturally productive growing spaces. This allows us to build soil, growers, and a sustainable source for your fruits and veggies.
This being said we also realize that other farmers, cultivators of the land with years of dedication,  need sustainability in the form of reliable sales to continue their experienced growing practices. Many farmers we know are not empire builders– they are long-term small farmers in our bio-region who depend on direct sales to thrive. In addition to items GroNola produces, and those grown at Ferry Place, we purchase in bulk from area farms support the good work they are doing, and to get a better value for the community.
From the vegetables, to the bread, to the eggs, to the kombucha you drink is a spark of how to bring something whole, healthy and beautiful to our community. Thank you for completing this circle and being on this journey with us.

The CSA continues through the Corona

The share distribution is hosted this season at the First Universalist Unitarian Church at the corner of the Jefferson and Claiborne Avenues. Please enter through the main sanctuary doors, and you will find us just inside.  The church does require a mask to enter so please be mindful as we continue to provide this essential service safely in this time of health concerns.

How much is in the basket?

Each share is intended for a small household to be able to have a couple of sides of fresh veggies or maybe also an entree in their meal …feature a fresh flavor, relish a peak season mouth watering fruit, try a new veggie with the help of a recipe matched to the share, and more. About 6 eggs and a selected seasonal prepared product like a pesto from the garden, a marinara, a jam or similar balance out the share.  Some members get 2 shares for their larger family.

Thank you for supporting the garden! All proceeds support urban farming at OurGarden at Ferry Place and other farm and food related initiatives. To make an additional tax deductible donation, use the button below.


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