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[Updated] Pickle Academy: Pickling 101

Ms. Ica will be presenting a pickling demonstration at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum on June 29th! This from the SOFAB website, where one can also register to attend the course:

On June 29 from 3-5 p.m. the Rouses Culinary Innovation Center at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum welcomes Ica Crawford of Grow NOLA as she launches Pickle Academy. In this class, Ms. Crawford will break down the art and science of food preservation, teaching participants how to use pickling and preserving techniques to savor the best of the season. You will learn how to follow your nose to create fantastic flavor combinations, experiment with recipes without compromising food safety, and bring pickles and preserves “beyond the jar” by using them in different dishes. You will also learn the basic steps for home canning, which you can use to preserve pickles, jams, and other high-acid foods for shelf storage (handy in case of a natural disaster or a Zombie attack, whichever comes first). How does a cucumber become a pickle? What’s the difference between quick pickling, canning & fermenting? Which preserves can be safely canned for shelf storage, and which are best for refrigeration? Can you really pickle anything? Ponder these pickling puzzles no more.

Pickling and preserving is just one more way to extend the season, and a delicious one at that.

Register for the class and save your seat from the Museum’s event listing by clicking this finely crafted link.


We thank the many people who came to the Pickle Academy event. By our own perception, and by the immediate responses, we believe it was a fun and informative event and that it was appreciated as well. We are so grateful for the attendance.

Ica led the attendees, and directed the participation of many in preparing and processing pint jars of Dill Slices, and the start of a bonus demonstration in Pickled Corn Relish. Every attendee left with a new jar of cucumber pickles for their participation, and fresh instruction and examples of the basic equipment and techniques of turning a basket of fresh cucumbers, onions, herbs and spices into a beautiful pint of Dill Slices.

If you attended the event we would love to hear some feedback, or if you have any great photos to share please feel free to post them in the comment section. Happy Pickling!