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Garden Story July 2019

Greetings! and thank you for your attention. The garden is entering peak summer mode, which on the gulf coast means a few weeks of toooooo dang hot, and we focus on making it through the dog-days of summer and wish for the calmer and cooler days of early fall. Let us take a minute to see what the garden is producing this month.


North Carolina Watermelon

Here is the North Carolina Watermelon going full tilt, it is a sweet and vigorous melon vine that has spread well beyond the area we imagined, and already produced a 50 lb melon recently that we pulped and turned into juice for our members and attendees of the recent Hickory Market in Harahan. Thanks to Baker Creek Seeds for supporting the garden.


Our Garden at Ferry Place has a couple of Satsuma trees, and the fruit won’t be ready for months, but it is nice to take a look at the green fruit here, and know that we may have juicy and ripe citrus this December.

Green satsumas



When Our Garden was established, there were three Brown Turkey fig trees planted, and they really started producing tons of figs last year. and as it continues now Ica captures the season for you, profile of preserved figs coming soon!

Brown Turkey figs
Brown Turkey Figs


Thanks again to the generosity of Baker Creek Seeds, and here we have an heirloom cantaloupe that has sweet light green flesh. It has been prolific and quite successful– we eat it chopped and chilled and have experimented with sorbet for our members.

Heirloom Cantaloupe


The discolored areas are the after-effect of a hard freeze we had here in NOLA earlier this spring. Normally we see a uniform green into yellow. The fruit inside is un-effected and remains delicious.

Our Garden also has a patch of banana/plantain. This is the same banana we see all around the town, and it makes the same fruit that tends to be a little more starchy and a little stubbier than the mono-culture Cavendish bananas we all see in the stores, but this one has a nice orange-like flavor that we don’t find in the tailor-mades. We can slice and run these through the dehydrator for banana chips for markets and for our members.

Thank you!

Flowering mint

Thank you for your interest, and we’ll let you know where the garden is every month. this last pic is the mint flower. It has been a little stressful as the heat builds and now is when we see the culinary herbs like mint, oregano and basil putting out flowers. In fact, check the table soon to see the delightful and elegant white wine jelly, preserved with a seasonal herb flower for your enjoyment and joy. Much Love and thank you for supporting the garden.