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GroNola on Fox News!

Ms. Ica was on live television this morning with a quick demonstration of pickling on Fox 8 morning show. She appeared with Brent Rosen, the mostly new leader of the Southern Food and Beverage museum promoting the upcoming Pickle Academy: Pickling 101 event coming up this weekend. You may see the broadcasted video segment on Fox 8’s own site here.

The demonstration kitchen is kind of neat, it is in a the corner of a large studio room across opposite a green screen setup– here are a couple of pics taken during the setup before she went on the air. On display was a basket of fresh veggies and fruit from the current season, various pickles found in our store on this site, the ingredients for a jar of cucumber pickles, and the spices used to make our basic pickling spice: coriander, yellow mustard seed, black pepper and allspice. You can also see the dill fronds and drying dill seeds on the counter– this year we used dill and coriander from the garden as it was available.

Pickle Academy is a demonstration of pickling basics, and depending on attendance, perhaps even a participatory demonstration– although you’ll leave with your own freshly processed pint of cucumber dill pickles. Seats are limited and you must reserve you seat which you may do by following this link to the event page hosted by SOFAB. Hope to see you there!

Available Pickles

Don’t have time to attend, or not into doing it yourself? Order any of these pickles today, and pick them up Saturday afternoon before or after the demonstration at SOFAB.