Bread And Pesto


This item is either out of season or otherwise currently unavailable.

Fresh garden pesto made from seasonal herbs and greens, this is a vegan pesto

Fresh Pesto & Bread

Fresh garden pesto made from seasonal herbs and greens grown in the urban farm uptown. In the winter and spring it is generally Arugula Pesto, and in the summer from the Sweet Basil.

It is a pulsed green pesto from the garden, and is excellent as a dip or spread. Use it on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise, or on a pizza instead of the Marinara.  We also like to toss a spoonful of pesto into the saute pan with veggies or pasta for a green aromatic finish.

This is a vegan pesto. It relies on nutritional yeast to provide that mouth-feel you would get from the Parmesan in a non-vegan pesto, and we use sunflower seeds instead of tree nuts. We use an edible oil, usually an olive oil or olive oil and sunflower seed blend.

It comes in an 8 oz portion with a mini-loaf of the homemade bread we bring to markets.  This item is only available fresh at the markets.