Feed the People.

This is GroNola’s mission.

We want to know where our food comes from, we care how it is produced, how it gets to our kitchen, excellent ways to prepare it, how it appears when it is presented on the table, and the enjoyment of eating it.  

We like it when it looks pretty, we admire the mouth-watering smells of a fresh cooked meal, and we love it when it tastes great. We believe in eating local and fresh. We are nostalgic for the history of local agriculture and neighborhood markets. We are always curious for a new twist, and we love our old favorites. Some of us still remember the last truck farmers parked on the side of the avenue selling produce, we go to the market, and we know all the grocery stores.  We plant and harvest from spreading gardens, raised beds and pots on the porch.

We are growing a local network of products and services born of local food production in the form of urban gardens and cottage kitchen production, we support farmers within our bio-region. We accept that our meals include imports from other regions, and we love to mix seasonal local flavor into every dish. We can educate and inform about everything we do from the first shovel turn of dirt in a new garden bed or leading a pickling class at the local food museum all the way to the catered tray of seasonal canapés for the weekend cocktail party.

We offer regular “garden shares” in our CSA program, we build and maintain gardens in town and out, we tend to bees, we selectively partner with other producers who share our vision, we offer high-quality low-volume catering and food consulting services that honor seasonal local ingredients. We cook many of our own meals. We stop to look at flowers. We read menus posted outside of restaurants. We pick, preserve and pickle every season. We stop to visit  road-side fruit stands. We talk to farmers and chefs and even regular folks about any and all of it. See the Kitchen section of the site for posts about events, or recipes or any other news.

We produce preserved and pickled food products sourced from the seasonal bounty of our bio-region. Browse the Table section of this site to see what products we offer– from the classic Garden Marinara that outclasses any sauce on the grocery shelf for flavor and delightfulness to rarer items like the Red Beets pickled with thyme we capture the season and preserve it for you and yours. Our food production is at minimum in compliance with Louisiana Cottage Food Operation law, and we work in a commissary kitchen. Currently all products are available for pick-up, which we will schedule with you. We may also deliver for an additional fee.

At the heart of GroNola is the Garden, where we start with a seed, and wonder at the flowering beauty and edible utility of so much that we grow. And since you’ve read this far, why not explore a little more and see what flavor you fancy 🙂